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Life Worth Missing Speckled/Textured Tee

Life Worth Missing Speckled/Textured Tee

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Printed on Bella Canvas speckled tees, these shirts will offer a big splash of color to your wardrobe! Please be aware, the speckles in this shirt make the shirt somewhat textured, so if you're sensitive to textures, this may not be the shirt for you!

Speckled Colors: 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon, 32 single 4.0 oz.

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About the garment:

In an effort to be held accountable and to be fully transparent about what and who our garments come from, I created this section for each garment to explain a little bit about how each item in our merch store is made. I try my hardest to only source from sustainable and ethical companies, to ensure our merchandise is harming the environment the least and to ensure that those making each garment are working in a good environment, making a living wage, and that it is as as eco-friendly as possible.

Bella Canvas focuses on eco-friendly production by using more energy effecient dye machines, which use 7x less water than average for clothing manufacturers. They do their best to reduce c02 emissions, and produce almost zero waste due to their recycling policy.

They do all of their dying and cutting in Los Angeles, and then ship to Central America for sewing. All of their factories are WRAP Certified, meaning they have safe, lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing.

You can read more about them below:

Bella Canvas Fair Labor

Bella Canvas Eco-Friendly Process

Bella Canvas Factory Transparency

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