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Holiday Stickers

Holiday Stickers

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Holiday stickers are here! Designed by a plethora of artists & fans, including Ezra (@hypnagogicboy), Emma (@teenzofdenial), Maya (@iloveworms21), Andrew (@mawedgone), @NElLMCCORMlCK, Jaxx (@twinfantasy2018), Walter (@owl_with_hat), @nervousyounggay, Kaisi (@strawberryakai), and yours truly @CSHmerch. :)

Sticker sheet has 23 stickers on it, and is created on vinyl with a cracked ice holo laminate over it. It can be applied outdoors but keep in mind it is not UV resistant so colors might fade quicker.

Pack of 5 contains the santa hat TF sticker, antler TF sticker, CSH holly logo printed on vinyl, and a cracked ice holo HTLT/TF stained glass sticker, and cracked ice holo TF snowman sticker printed on clear vinyl to make them really shine in the light!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR ORDER: This merch store is ran by 1 person. Please allow 2-3 weeks for orders to ship. You can e-mail with any questions / comments / concerns at

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